What To Know About Appliance Repair And Warranties If Repairing Appliances In Auburn GA

While the lifespan of major home appliances ranges from 6 to 15 years, homeowners can expect these appliances to break down from time to time. While it is not always possible for homeowners to just buy new appliances when the current ones break down, appliance repairs can be significantly expensive. Appliance warranties can be useful in helping homeowners to get their appliances fixed without incurring any expenses.appliance

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When you buy a brand new appliance like a refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, stove, oven or any other major appliance, the manufacturer actually does provide a one year warranty. Some manufacturers will even provide warranty on specific parts of appliances for extended periods of time beyond the one year warranty for the entire appliance. For example, some manufacturers of refrigerators will give warranty on the compressor for up to 10 years. So a manufacturer warranty means that if your appliance breaks down while your warranty is still valid, it is the manufacturer who is going to be responsible for the costs of repair. So if your appliance breaks down, instead of calling a local appliance repair company, you are supposed to call the manufacturer who will make arrangements for the repair to be done and pay for it. When you have a specific part like the compressor of a refrigerator covered under warranty by the manufacturer, you still have to call them to make arrangements on having the compressor replaced.

Appliance service parts and labor warranty

Local appliance repair companies will fix different types of major appliances. They are not specifically authorized by specific manufacturers to fix appliances on warranty, unless they get into such agreements. So these are independent companies providing appliance repair services for appliances that are no longer covered under warranty. So you have to pay for the services of appliance repair companies to fix your broken appliance. However, these appliance repair companies do offer warranty on parts and labor when they fix appliances.